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24 Career Lessons from Previous World Cups [in GIFs]

by Jobs2Careers on Jun 12, 2014

With today’s kickoff of the world’s most popular sporting event, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we consider some of the careers lessons we’ve learned over the years:

1. Sometimes, Lady Luck will be on your side…
sometimes you get lucky

2. And sometimes, she won’t. Either way, you can never stop trying.

3. This guy doesn’t get the promotion, he’s everyone’s least favorite co-worker and the office gets excited when he calls in sick. No one likes this guy. Don’t be this guy.4. Dress to impress. A little style can go a long way.
do things in style

5. You’ll likely have to deal with a strange client every now and again…

6.Take it in stride and always do your best. (Maybe even get a little strange too.)7. There’s no such thing as a fair weather fan. Support your team in triumph and defeat (or snow and shine).
don't be a fair weather team member

8. Even when you feel like this…
sometimes you feel like this

9. Act like this. Confidence is key.
sometimes you look like this

10. Like this referee, your boss is not an idiot. Don’t try a move like this. Ever.
your boss is not an idiot

11. Sometimes, you’ll feel like you’ve been kicked in the chest. Always get back up and try, try again.

12. Never let a little stumble prevent you from making the goal.13. Fact: The World Cup has never been won by an individual. Team strategy is always better than solo thinking.14. Sometimes, you’ll miss a [insert career aspiration here]…15. But when you achieve it, it’s okay to celebrate like this:
sometimes you need to celebrate your successes

16. No one likes a poor sport…
don't be a poor sport

17. So always have your peer’s back, even if they’re not from the same team.

18. Don’t be a faker.19. Authenticity will go a very long way. (Also FYI: Slapping’s not cool either.)don't be a faker20. Be quick on your feet! It will help get you closer to your goal.
sometimes you have to be quick on your feet

21. Don’t be afraid to show your support for your team.
celebrate team successes

22. Yes, it’s nice to celebrate your own successes…
celebrate your own successes

23. But always more fun to celebrate with the team.
celebrate team successes

24. And remember to fight for what matters.

Heed these lessons and be this employee:

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