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10 coffee GIFs that explain your Monday


Yes, you might love your job. But it always seems that Mondays typically come too soon (you didn’t get to finish Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, after all).

So, what do we all run to to make Monday a little more tolerable? COFFEE. Which is why your day can pretty much be summed up in just a few (or several) cups…

1. First cup of the day. Monday won’t be so bad!

2. “Blah, blah, blah” is all you hear until that first cup is finished.

3. You get in the car, feeling (sort of) ready for the day and…

4. Arriving at work. Let’s try this again: Bring it, Monday.

5. Until you get to your desk…

6. Then, your over-eager co-worker thinks this is a great idea.

7. But you know how to solve these problems.

8. Or, just ask yourself: WWBMD (What Would Bill Murray Do?).

9. Because, if you’re going to make it through Monday phone calls, emails and meetings, you’re going to need more coffee.

10. And when your office mate judges you for drinking yet another cup at 4pm…


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