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creative job descriptions

Job Description Burnout? Get Inspiration From These Witty Ads

Wracking your brain for ways to stand out in a job seeker’s market? Need to reach passive candidates? Humor can go a long way in grabbing a candidate’s attention. Here are a few we found from companies

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recruiting technology

Recruiting and Technology: Happy Marriage or More Work for You?

With countless new technology platforms available for recruiting, from sourcing to onboarding, you’d think that the process would become less personal. However, according to this post on TheNextWeb,

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recruitment marketing webinar

Recruiting is Hard…is Technology Working Hard for You?

We have a link for you! You can view “Predictive Analytics Meets Recruitment Marketing” here. Recruiting is hard. Each day you are challenged to find the best talent for your jobs, but is

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creative sourcing

7 Companies That Took Candidate Sourcing to Another Level

When it comes to candidate sourcing, why reinvent the wheel? Write a job listing, post it online, incentivize employees with referral bonuses, then sit back and watch the resumes roll in. Simple? Not exactly.

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22 Staffing Experts on How to Recruit for Hard-to-Fill Jobs

According to the American Staffing Association, during the course of a year, America’s staffing companies hire nearly 16 million temporary and contract employees. Additionally, Staffing Industry Analysts

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recruiting trends 2017

55 Talent Acquisition Experts on Top Recruiting Trends for 2017

In a field like talent acquisition, predicting what’s to come is part of the job. To compete for the best talent, recruiters need to keep up with the latest in HR tech advances, as well as the changing

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social media branding

24 Experts Share Top Tips for Social Media Recruiting

Social media is playing a larger role in hiring and attracting candidates now than ever before. About eight in 10 HR professionals (82%) said recruiting passive job candidates is the primary reason their

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