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creative job descriptions

Job Description Burnout? Get Inspiration From These Witty Ads

Wracking your brain for ways to stand out in a job seeker’s market? Need to reach passive candidates? Humor can go a long way in grabbing a candidate’s attention. Here are a few we found from companies

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candidate conversions

Candidate Experience Conversions That Really Matter

The ultimate success of the hiring process is an offer acceptance by the “perfect” candidate, but it’s never that simple is it? Especially for hard-to-fill positions, the process seems never ending,

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fix candidate experience

Improving the Negative Candidate Experience

The hiring process varies between industries, companies, and job positions; as you would expect, the candidate experience is never the same from one to the next. There will never be a single “fix”

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exit interview

How to Get Honest Feedback in Exit Interviews

We all want to know why good employees leave our company. But how can we do this in a way that’s respectful to both the company and the employee during their exit interview? Since we’re being honest

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Humanizing your Job Postings

How to Stand Out: Humanizing your Job Ads

The typical job posting is usually an anti-talent mess of bullet points that do nothing to sell the job. When a candidate reads a job ad they should be saying to themselves “this is a company I’d

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Subject Lines

Subject Lines: the Key to Catching the Candidate’s Eye

Too often in recruiting, candidates end up getting emails that start with phrases like “Great Opportunity with Fantastic Company.” Well, a line like that has been so overused that it can actually

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Outside the Box

Stuck in a Recruiting Rut? Try These Outside-the-Box Tactics to Win Candidates

When it comes to recruiting, most employers do the same things to attract talent. But sometimes it pays to think “outside the box” and try other tactics to get candidates’ attention. The ideas

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How to Reject Applicants

What’s the Best Way to Reject an Applicant?

When you reject a candidate after a phone screen or in-person interview, do you let them down gently or just tell them they didn’t make the cut? No one likes rejection. I recently asked my network of

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