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Meet the team – Stephanie Gustafson!

Stephanie Gustafson, Publisher Program, Jobs2Careers

Name: Stephanie Gustafson
Position: Partner Marketing Coordinator
Hometown: Seattle
Current City: Austin
College: Seattle University
Life Motto: Keep on keepin’ on

• What is your role at Jobs2Careers? Describe a typical (or memorable!) day on the job.
I manage our Publisher Program, which is essentially a way for our clients to receive even more high quality traffic from different websites that a jobseeker might be exploring. My most memorable day would probably have to be my 2nd day, when my boss tested me and expected me to know everyone’s full name and title, even though I had just met them yesterday (I was 27 for 30!).

• What is your personal best/worst career experience you can recall?
I once applied for a role and waited nearly two months to get a response. I had 3 phone screens, an in-person interview with 4 separate managers, and then finally a skills test. EachStephanie Gustafson, Publisher Program, Jobs2Careerstime I was told that a final answer would be made before Friday of that same week. By the time they finally got back to me, I had accepted a position elsewhere and I am so glad I kept looking!

• From your education, previous employments or life experiences, what do you feel best prepared you for your current role at Jobs2Careers?
I’ve worked with many younger start-ups and similar companies, which has given me extensive knowledge on how company culture works in a bustling environment. It’s very rewarding if you are willing to put in the effort, and everyone contributes in multiple ways.

• What is the best part of your job?
Probably my “Summer Jamz of the 90s” playlist that my officemate and I are constantly listening to! Just kidding… I would say the best part of my job is engaging with other companies like ours, because we always bounce ideas of each other and there is a ton to be learned in this industry.

• In your opinion, what makes Jobs2Careers different than any other job aggregator?
Numerous publishers have told me that we have the most generous Publisher Program. It allows us to bring the highest quality candidates to any client, and it rewards the Publishers that have the best traffic.

• What is your favorite snack/lunch from the Jobs2Careers kitchen?
Definitely a tie between our fresh infused waters and the Starbucks Refreshers.

• What would be your ultimate superhero power/ alternate persona (or both!)?
I would want to be able to travel anywhere at the speed of light – It would make it so much easier to see my family in Seattle whenever I want.

• If you could max out a credit card at any store, which store would you choose?Stephanie Gustafson, Publisher Program, Jobs2Careers
There are way too many to pick, but I would probably be fancy and say Tiffany’s.

• If you were immortal for one day, what would you do?
Does this mean I won’t feel any pain either? Swim with sharks!

• What is the best gift you’ve ever been given?
A surprise trip to Disneyland… definitely.

• How many countries have you traveled to?
Booooring…j ust 1!

• If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
My dream is to one day visit the Vatican. So much rich and unique history took place there, I would love to see it firsthand.

• What is the best advice you can give to job seekers?
If you are applying online for a job and don’t have an “in,” so to speak, utilize your social networks. Find that hiring manager on LinkedIn and don’t be bashful about reaching out. Who knows, maybe you’ll even have some connections with them and it will be a great conversation starter! Good luck!

What does Jack Chang, Stephanie’s manager, have to say about her?
“After a long search for our first-ever ‘Partner Marketing Coordinator,’ we finally found Stephanie, and in a very short time, she’s made a huge impact. She has developed our Publisher Program into huge partners and one of the highest paying programs in the industry. I am also very impressed by her account management and the relationships she has built with existing and new publishers. Our team (and me, especially!) are very excited to see what else she can accomplish!”

And what does Courtney Byrd, her officemate who shares the 90s playlist, have to say? 
“Working with Stephanie is great – she’s smart, fun, entertaining and capable. Unfortunately, she likes Glee and Pitch Perfect radio a little too much, but I’d say that’s a pretty fair tradeoff!”

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