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Top Tools for Sourcers: 26 Resources you Need Now

by Chris Russell on Nov 21, 2016

Over the past few years, the rise of sourcing candidates online has enabled employers everywhere to find talent on their own. Fueled by an influx of new tools, they’ve turned the internet into a giant resume database just waiting to be searched by you, the recruiter. We at Jobs2Careers wanted to give you a simple guide to finding these tools. We crawled the web and came up with the top 26 sites, browser extensions and apps that will make you a better recruiter. Need a people search engine? We found it. Need an email finder? We’ve got that too. For each tool we have provided a screenshot, pricing, and link to the product. Happy sourcing!


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1. AngelList
Type: Website
Cost: Free


2. Authentic Pros
Type: Website
Cost: Free

Authentic Pros

3. Broadlook Diver
Type: Software
Cost: Approx. $2k/year

Broadlook Diver


4. Connectifier
Type: Website
Cost: Paid


5. Hunter
Type: Chrome Extension
Cost: Free - $399/month


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Chris Russell
Written by Chris Russell

Considered the 'mad scientist of online recruiting' by his peers, Chris is an entrepreneur and former corporate recruiter based in Connecticut. When not writing you might find him bass fishing from his kayak on the lakes & rivers of New England.