Talent Acquisition

Improving a Negative Candidate Experience

by Cally Martin on Mar 7, 2017

The hiring process varies between industries, companies, and job positions; as you would expect, the candidate experience is never the same from one to the next. There will never be a single “fix” for it, but companies can improve their processes with a little simplicity, honesty, and fun!
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New Hires or Retention: Which Costs More?

by Cally Martin on Feb 7, 2017

More and more companies are testing new techniques for expanding their visibility when sourcing candidates than ever. But at what cost?
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How to Get Honest Feedback in Exit Interviews

by Cally Martin on Jan 26, 2017

We all want to know why good employees leave our company. But how can we do this in a way that’s respectful to both the company and the employee during their exit interview?
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Want to Improve your Talent Pool? Let Employees Work from Home

by Pete Metz on Nov 15, 2016

Years ago, working remotely seemed to be more of a  perk to the employee than the employer. But today, many employers have embraced this paradigm shift and are realizing that the benefits are mutual. Some companies have gone so far as to be “remote only.”
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What’s the Best Way to Reject an Applicant?

by Chris Russell on Nov 11, 2016

When you reject a candidate after a phone screen or in-person interview, do you let them down gently or just tell them they didn’t make the cut? No one likes rejection. I recently asked my network of business owners and recruiters how they reject their applicants. Here’s some of their responses which may be helpful to share with your hiring managers.
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Phoning It In: Hiring Managers Reveal the Best Phone Interview Strategies

by Chris Russell on Nov 3, 2016

The phone screen is a tried and true method of recruiting as it allows you to quickly gauge a candidate's fit for and interest in the position. In my last post I wrote about better interview questions for the in-person interview, but let’s take a look at the phone screen which is your initial contact with the candidate:
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