Are You a Leader, or Are You THE Leader?

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Our #J2Cwerkperks are the best. Our CEO (and officers) believe in career development and growing managers within our company. We have management training and guest speakers monthly, on average, and we always leave inspired with new information and ideas for productivity, communication, and more.

This weeks’ training featured Ryan Avery, a whirlwind of a speaker in the best way possible. Ryan is the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history. He has spoken on every continent and leads communication training for leaders and their teams. In a short two hours, we received an influx of great information. With genuine stories and actionable advice, Ryan left our team feeling inspired and #J2Confident.

A great take away from yesterday is, “Don’t be a leader, be THE leader.” Be confident in who you are and what value you bring to the table. If you get a chance, check out Ryan’s site here (and don’t forget to connect with him on social...his channels are linked on his home page).

Our new favorite hashtag? #GoFromAtoThe.

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Updated 2017-06-26 21:38:19June 26, 2017
Suong Luu
Written by Suong Luu

Suong Luu uses her powers of persuasion, literary prowess, and technically adept mind as the Marketing Coordinator at Jobs2Careers. She’s never met a music festival she didn’t like, is fluent in song lyrics, and thinks gullible really is written on the ceiling.

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