Cally Martin

Cally Martin
Callan is a social media loving, blog writing, event planning freelancer who believes in the power of the oxford comma. Originally from America’s high-five (Michigan), she’s been in Austin since 2015 and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon. When not attached to WiFi, she can be found running around the lake or drinking mimosas at brunch.

Recent Posts

Five Online Hacks to Get Organized Right Now

by Cally Martin on May 24, 2017

We’ve all developed a sort of love/hate relationship with technology. We love that it can make outreach, follow-up, and tracking easier, yet we struggle with the lack of human-to-human contact that used to be such a large part of our jobs. Part of the problem? We’re not using tech to get our tasks in order.
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We're Hearing, But Are We Listening?

by Cally Martin on May 11, 2017

At J2C, we believe in career development and growing managers within our company. As part of our ongoing guest speaker management training sessions, we hosted Mike Murray last week.
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The Hard Truth of Being a Sourcer in 2017

by Cally Martin on May 4, 2017

Being a sourcer is more like being a sorcerer. It’s no longer simply searching for candidates and selling them on a job description. A candidate-driven job market has recruiters questioning what the ideal candidate is, how to get their attention, and where can they thrive. So sourcers also have to be able to predict the future.
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Company Values: Happy Employees Make Happy Clients

by Cally Martin on Apr 27, 2017

As part of our guest speaker training sessions, we hosted Ann Rhoades last week. Ann is the PRES (Person Responsible for Extraordinary Service) and founder of Peopleink, and dedicated to helping leaders build people-centric cultures based on core values. 
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15 HR Influencers Changing the Recruiting Game

by Cally Martin on Apr 25, 2017

Reading recruiting and talent acquisition content can be boring. But these 15 industry thought-leaders are changing the game. From up-and-comers to veterans, here are the HR influencers you should be following on social. 
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Your Lengthy Application Process Will Cost you Candidates

by Cally Martin on Apr 6, 2017

Ensuring candidates are well-suited for a particular position has become more than verifying education and assessing prior work experience.
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