Mike Venman

Mike Venman
Mike is a jack of all trades in the sales department at J2C and spends his day training, salesforce-ing, commission-ing... you get the picture. He just discovered beach vacations and loves his scottish terrier Ruby. He plays music, basketball, and when he's not at work can usually be found reading a good book or walking Ruby through the woods.

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When to Hire the Mauve Squirrel

by Mike Venman on Sep 12, 2016

You’re at a critical time for your business and it’s time to make a new hire. This person is going to be amazing and take your business to new heights. They’ll have a vision. They'll think about the big picture. Oh, but they’ll be detail-oriented too, of course. And they'll have technical chops. And they will certainly collaborate across departments. What do we have here? The mythical purple squirrel!  
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