Shelly Mudd

Shelly Mudd
Shelly is Chief Revenue Officer at Jobs2Careers. With over 11 years of experience in online recruitment, and almost 20 total years in advertising, she drives consistent, scalable revenue for Jobs2Careers in all customer-facing areas, including sales and customer service.
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Need More Efficiency in Your Hiring? Predictive Analytics Can Help

by Shelly Mudd on Dec 6, 2016

Recruitment advertising is in the midst of a welcome change due to the intelligent algorithms and machine learning that are transforming our industry. Traditionally, employers paid a fixed cost for each job post. However, in the past few years, “programmatic” job advertising has become the buzzword. Programmatic means automatically buying and placing job ads based on predefined rules and letting the technology do the work. This has been a revolutionary change in the way HR professionals buy job ads, and it’s all about spend efficiency.
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