Thad Price

Thad Price
Originally from the east coast, Thad Price is VP of Product & Engineering at Jobs2Careers, where he sets the vision for new product development and strategy. Thad holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Mary Washington and offers over 14 years of experience in online recruitment and the job search vertical.

Under Thad’s leadership, Jobs2Careers continues to create innovative products and enhancements that support the company’s mission.

Recent Posts

Talent Makes all the Difference

by Thad Price on Aug 21, 2017

This year we celebrated our 4th straight year of making it onto the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America. Only one in 10 companies on the list have been recognized four times or more. There’s fire in our belly at Jobs2Careers, and we’ve really just begun.  
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My Jobs, My Content, My Moat: No Thank You, Google.

by Thad Price on Jun 27, 2017

Many moons ago, there once was a job search engine crawling job boards, career sites, newspapers, and communities for job content. This job search engine decided that Craigslist would be an invaluable resource for users in their pursuit to offer users "one search, all jobs."  
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Cost-Per-Hire: Stand Aside, Worthy Adversary!

by Thad Price on Sep 14, 2016

There’s been quite a move in the online recruitment industry over the last few years to align further with what talent acquisition professionals really want—to deliver hires. Hires, ideally great hires, is a KPI for all and it’s a way to keep score. There’s no question that great people grow great companies, and attracting top talent is the name of the game. Everyone wants to win.  
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Programmatic Job Advertising = Efficiency

by Thad Price on Jul 20, 2016

Talent acquisition professionals have seen an incredible move to performance-based advertising to help attract the talent needed to grow their business.  Today’s definition of “programmatic job advertising” really means efficient marketing automation.  I say “today’s definition” because tomorrow’s definition is quite different and that’s a topic for another time.   Marketing automation tools have been used for years to help marketers find where to buy ads to attract the right leads.  By right leads, I mean leads that will turn into customers.   Sound similar?
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Who is Job2Careers, where did you come from, and why didn’t I hear about you sooner?

by Thad Price on May 15, 2016

I love it when new customers and job seekers begin using Jobs2Careers and their response is “Who are you, where did you come from, and why didn’t I hear about you sooner?”
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