Sam Smith Sam Smith is a former Washingtonian who spent the first 10 years of her marketing career working in the science, nonprofit, and publishing fields. She moved to Austin in 2015 for the thriving tech scene, abundant breakfast tacos, and beautiful swimming holes.
Thad Price Thad Price is VP of Product & Engineering at Jobs2Careers, where he sets the vision for new product development and strategy. He has over 14 years of experience in online recruitment and the job search vertical. Prior to joining Jobs2Careers, he was a VP of Business Development at
Shelly Mudd Shelly Mudd is Chief Revenue Officer at Jobs2Careers. With over 11 years of experience in online recruitment, and almost 20 total years in advertising, she drives consistent, scalable revenue for Jobs2Careers in all customer-facing areas, including sales and customer service.
Kelly Love Johnson Kelly Love Johnson is Content Strategist for Jobs2Careers. She's also a shower singer, TV watcher, pop culture junkie, and habitual smirker. She's passionate about helping people find their dream jobs and closing the wage gap. Her book, Skirt! Rules for the Workplace: An Irreverent Guide to Advancing Your Career, was published by Rowman & Littlefield in 2008.
Mike Venman Mike Venman is a jack of all trades in the sales department at J2C and spends his day training, salesforce-ing, commission-ing... you get the picture.He just discovered beach vacations and loves his scottish terrier Ruby. He plays music, basketball, and when he's not at work can usually be found reading a good book or walking Ruby through the woods.
alex2.jpg Alex Hoeflicker is a Tucson-raised, Austin-based brunch aficionado. She enjoys a solid cup of coffee and browsing used record stores.
Suong Luu Suong Luu uses her powers of persuasion, literary prowess, and technically adept mind as the Marketing Coordinator at Jobs2Careers. She’s never met a music festival she didn’t like, is fluent in song lyrics, and thinks gullible really is written on the ceiling.
Cally Martin Cally Martin is a social media loving, blog writing, event planning freelancer who believes in the power of the oxford comma. Originally from America’s high-five (Michigan), she’s been in Austin since 2015 and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon. When not attached to WiFi, she can be found running around the lake or drinking mimosas at brunch.
Chris Russell Chris Russell is considered the 'mad scientist of online recruiting' by his peers and is an entrepreneur and former corporate recruiter based in Connecticut. When not writing you might find him bass fishing from his kayak on the lakes & rivers of New England.
Pete Metz Pete Metz is the owner of, a site for people seeking remote jobs. When he’s not wasting time on social media, you might spot him jogging or watching college football.
KayleeRileyTopEchelon.jpg Kaylee Riley is a content writer for the Patriot Software Company, the parent company of Patriot Software, LLC and Top Echelon, LLC. Kaylee writes about payroll, accounting, recruiting, and other small business topics.

Emily Ceskavich is a spirited recruitment marketer who specializes in social recruiting. Her experience in recruitment, sourcing, and social media marketing helps recruiters see (and seize) high value opportunities in their markets. When she isn't being nosey about people and their careers, you can find her embarking on local adventures (hello, Florida orchards!). Say hello on Instagram: @Emilyceskavich.

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