Happy Thanksgiving from J2C!

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While we don’t typically advocate slacking on your job search, we do understand the value of work/life balance. Tomorrow, we recommend putting your laptop away, forgetting about your resume and kicking back for some much needed family/football/eating/relaxation time.

Here are the best parts of some of our Jobs2Careers team members’
Thanksgiving celebrations:

“This year I get to do my two favorite things on Thanksgiving – Watch the Seahawks play and cook delicious food for my family!” – Stephanie Gustafson, Partner Marketing Coordinator

“Every year after we eat our Thanksgiving meal, the family all goes out and shoots BB Guns for a while. It is always a good time and the kids start talking about it months in advance.” – Bill Bittick, Assistant Controller

“Sweet Potato Praline Casserole. Happy Thanksgiving!” – Evan Smith, Client Success Analyst

“Spending time with family and relaxing through the long weekend. Nothing beats great food & a nap!” – Nicole Rechenmacher, Director, Agency Relations

“Making everything from scratch!” – Michael Venman, Sales Manager

“My all-time favorite dessert, pumpkin pie!” – Hunter Harris, Senior Account Executive

Hunter's Pumpkin Pie

“I have a Big Green Egg. I am ready to cook a fat goose this year for the family.” – Bruce Ge, Founder and CEO

Caramel Apple Cheesecake!” – Suong Luu, Operations Assistant

“Largely because this is the only Indian dish I can competently make, I’ve included my stuffed okra recipe as a new dish at my Thanksgiving table.” – Aneri Mehta, Client Success Analyst

Aneri's stuffed okra

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