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As part of our continued guest speaker training sessions, we hosted Lisa Cummings this week.

Lisa started by asking us what percentage of employees are actually engaged at work. Shockingly (well maybe not to some) but to us it was shocking to hear that only 13% of all employees are fully engaged at work. From there Lisa delved into focusing on strengths and look at what’s working, instead of what’s not working.

Lisa uses her outgoing personality to captivate her audience causing them to think about their strengths and weaknesses in a different way. By using simple, interactive activities she had us in deep thought about ourselves and our co-workers. In a wide spectrum of decisions, we saw natural patterns are clues to our talents. Those focused on their strengths are more likely to be engaged and have an excellent quality of life.

At J2C, we believe in career development and growing managers within our company. Bruce Ge, CEO, holds management trainings monthly, on average, and always leaves employees feeling inspired with new information and ideas for productivity, communication, and more.

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Suong Luu
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