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Create Job Ads that Captivate Candidates Like Stephen King

by Emily Ceskavich on Aug 30, 2017

In his memoir, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Stephen King shares advice for writers who want to create the kind of following with readers that drives them into bookstores or online every time he releases a new book.
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It's Hot Now, but if You're a Recruiter, Winter is Coming!

by Samantha Smith on Aug 28, 2017

It's still summer, but if you need to make seasonal hires, it's time to start thinking about the holidays. Jobs2Careers can help—download our holiday hiring infographic to find out how!
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How to Find the Sweet Spot in Your Job Ads

by Kelly Love Johnson on Jul 13, 2017

We’ve written about best practices for writing job ads before, but we wanted to share a simple version that hits the high points and makes it easy to put into practice now. When a candidate reads a job ad they should be saying to themselves "this is a company I’d want to work for."
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Google, Facebook, and Job Ads: 3 Must Do’s to Break Through

by Kelly Love Johnson on Jun 13, 2017

We’ve heard the buzz about Google and Facebook getting into the jobs industry. What does it mean for you when these giants enter the space? If you missed our live webinar on June 15, you can watch it on demand here!
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Job Description Burnout? Get Inspiration From These Witty Ads

by Kelly Love Johnson on Mar 21, 2017

Wracking your brain for ways to stand out in a job seeker’s market? Need to reach passive candidates? Humor can go a long way in grabbing a candidate’s attention. Here are a few we found from companies who went the witty route. Whether it’s a billboard or online, creative job ads are the most likely to be shared. Bonus points for letting a company’s culture shine through!
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Recruiting is Technology Working Hard for You?

by Kelly Love Johnson on Mar 1, 2017

We have a link for you! You can view "Predictive Analytics Meets Recruitment Marketing" here.
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