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Salaries in Job Postings: Yay or Nay?

by Cally Martin on Feb 8, 2017

Transparency is all the rage these days. And why not? There is a website for just about everything and if not, there’s an app. You can find out just about anything on the internet if you try hard enough, including your own CEO’s salary.
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6 Things You Need to Know About Pay-Per-Application Job Ads

by Samantha Smith on Jan 16, 2017

Back in the old days, most online recruiting strategies could be described as “post and pray.” Place duration-based job ads on various job boards, and hope that you get enough applications/resumes to make a hire before time runs out. This is a gambling game where recruiters are hoping to get enough job applications to fill their pipeline to make a hire. So why gamble? That’s what Jobs2Careers asked in 2014, and Pay-Per-Application (PPA) was born. Pay-Per-Application allows recruiters to post for free and pay only when they receive a completed application. Here’s what you need to know about the newest way to pay for job ads:
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Jobs2Careers Opens Predictive Programmatic Advertising Technology Platform to Job Board Partners

by Samantha Smith on Dec 14, 2016

In a time of great change in the recruitment advertising industry, Jobs2Careers is looking to share (for free!) its programmatic job advertising success with its partners by opening its suite of tools to niche job sites, publications, associations, and other job boards.
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Jobs2Careers Integrates with Ongage to Provide Email Alert Solutions to Marketplace Partners

by Samantha Smith on Dec 7, 2016

WHITE PLAINS, NY - Dec 7th, 2016 - Ongage, the world's first email deliverability marketplace, announced that it has added Jobs2Careers to its suite of built-in integrations with the world's leading job search aggregators. Jobs2Careers is a US-based nationwide job search aggregator offering a comprehensive publisher program for network partners via API and XML data feeds.
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Need More Efficiency in Your Hiring? Predictive Analytics Can Help

by Shelly Mudd on Dec 6, 2016

Recruitment advertising is in the midst of a welcome change due to the intelligent algorithms and machine learning that are transforming our industry. Traditionally, employers paid a fixed cost for each job post. However, in the past few years, “programmatic” job advertising has become the buzzword. Programmatic means automatically buying and placing job ads based on predefined rules and letting the technology do the work. This has been a revolutionary change in the way HR professionals buy job ads, and it’s all about spend efficiency.
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How to Stand Out: Humanizing your Job Ads

by Chris Russell on Dec 5, 2016

The typical job posting is usually an anti-talent mess of bullet points that do nothing to sell the job. When a candidate reads a job ad they should be saying to themselves "this is a company I’d want to work for." Too many job postings just list the requirements instead of convincing them why they should work there.
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