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Data-Driven Job Ads: Reinventing a Billion Dollar Industry

by Thad Price on Oct 12, 2017

Imagine, if you will, the reaction to this conversation. Marketing manager to CEO: “We’re going spend $25,000 a month until we get the leads we want.” CEO: “How do we know this is the right budget, and how do we know it’s going to work?” Marketing manager to CEO: “We don’t. But we can just keep spending until we’re successful.”
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Brazen and Jobs2Careers Announce New Integration

by Jobs2Careers on Oct 10, 2017

From the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference, which opened today in Las Vegas, Brazen Technologies, helping organizations attract, convert and hire more candidates through live and personalized recruiting experiences and Jobs2Careers, a recruitment technology company offering data-driven job advertising solutions, announced details of their new alliance. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies are offering an integrated solution that helps employers improve their quality of candidates and time-to-hire. 
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Friday Roundup: Candidate Engagement Essentials

by Emily Ceskavich on Sep 22, 2017

Surfacing a new lead for that hard-to-fill position that’s been haunting you all week is a marvelous feeling. Discovering data and profiles, however, is just one piece of the puzzle. Excitement can turn into frustration quickly if you find that candidates are unresponsive to your attempts at engagement.
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Friday Roundup: The Company Culture Edition

by Kelly Love Johnson on Sep 1, 2017

Company culture has been a hot topic since, well, companies existed. With all the advice and counter-advice out there, it’s hard to isolate how to create a solid foundation for employee engagement and retention. Company culture is that foundation and we have a roundup of the best articles from this week on culture at work.
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Friday Roundup: The Best Recruiting Posts of the Week

by Kelly Love Johnson on Aug 25, 2017

We’re starting something new here at Jobs2Careers—end of week roundups of articles we’ve found all over the internet that we think you’ll find useful. We read about recruiting and talent acquisition every day and want to share best content you might have missed.
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My Jobs, My Content, My Moat: No Thank You, Google.

by Thad Price on Jun 27, 2017

Many moons ago, there once was a job search engine crawling job boards, career sites, newspapers, and communities for job content. This job search engine decided that Craigslist would be an invaluable resource for users in their pursuit to offer users "one search, all jobs."  
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