Emily Ceskavich

Emily Ceskavich
Emily Ceskavich is a spirited recruitment marketer who specializes in social recruiting. Her experience in recruitment, sourcing, and social media marketing helps recruiters see (and seize) high value opportunities in their markets. When she isn't being nosey about people and their careers, you can find her embarking on local adventures (hello, Florida orchards!).
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Friday Roundup: Candidate Engagement Essentials

by Emily Ceskavich on Sep 22, 2017

Surfacing a new lead for that hard-to-fill position that’s been haunting you all week is a marvelous feeling. Discovering data and profiles, however, is just one piece of the puzzle. Excitement can turn into frustration quickly if you find that candidates are unresponsive to your attempts at engagement.
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5 Ways to Reach Millennial Candidates Who Want to Contribute Their Best

by Emily Ceskavich on Sep 5, 2017

When interviewing a millennial, it’s tough to gauge exactly who you have in front of you. Are you sitting at the table with someone who feels entitled to rewards, but will lose the willingness to work for them at the first sign of a road bump? Or have you uncovered a diamond in the rough whose beliefs translate into a strong work ethic and professional drive toward ambitious goals?
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Create Job Ads that Captivate Candidates Like Stephen King

by Emily Ceskavich on Aug 30, 2017

In his memoir, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Stephen King shares advice for writers who want to create the kind of following with readers that drives them into bookstores or online every time he releases a new book.
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Interview Techniques I Learned from Oprah

by Emily Ceskavich on Aug 15, 2017

As a recruiter, there are many tools you can use to assess if a candidate would be the best fit for the role. The variable you can’t control is how authentic their participation is. To overcome that challenge, there is no tool more powerful than questions.
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5 Trends in Skilled Trades Every Recruiter Should Know

by Emily Ceskavich on Aug 7, 2017

For the seventh consecutive year, skilled trades positions remain the hardest to fill in the United States according to the latest Talent Shortage Survey by ManpowerGroup. Nearly half (46%) of U.S. employers report difficulties filling jobs due to lack of available talent, a significant increase from 32% reported in 2015.
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How to Create a SMART Content Strategy That Helps You Recruit

by Emily Ceskavich on Aug 2, 2017

Creating original content on your website or blog can be overwhelming. When you have limited resources and need to fill a class of 20 insurance sales reps by the end of the month, the last thing you want to do is set aside time to write content for your candidate audience. And isn’t that marketing’s job?
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